Boat dive north and south

Price: $140 / 2 dives

This involves a 30 minutes boat ride either south or north of the Island to reach the dive site.

At the very northern tip of the island is Akrema corner, a site often predisposed to strong current. There are higher chances of seeing pelagics such as sharks, tuna, bumphead parrot fish and sometimes mola mola. Off from the dive site there is an idyllic white sandy beach where divers can relax after the dive and enjoy some refreshment.

Located in a secluded cove on the southern tip of the island, Britty Rala is characterized by both dramatic wall and a slope layered in corals. It also has small caves full of critters such as glass shrimps, banded pipe fish and porcelain crabs. The topography of this dive site makes it unique. Often you see schools of Spanish mackerel, bumphead parrot fish and patrolling napolean wrasse.